Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hey Raam .........and we lost a generation of our ancestors who made India a proud nation. After years of freedom we still chant Rang De Basanti  and Sarfroshi Ki Tamanna , on every independence day and may be we shall continue to sing the same songs, for years to come. though many of us may not understand a word . A 22 year old boy along with his two frnds , around the same age sacrificed their life for freedom of this country.I often think of the drive and the spirit  they had whcich made them fearless and close to ground realities of life.They are lost , not even in our thoughts any more.Do we the people of India have the same spirit for the love of this country....well in my opinion things have changed drastically ,todays generation is a generation ,unfamiliar with what it is being deprived of freedom of speech and action .Today we are a population of more than a hundred odd crores lost either in  struggle of survival or power. The thought of these freedom fighters, makes me a proud Indian and releases a tingling sensation of happiness in my brain . I am so overwhelmed while writing this blog ,the thought of BAGHAT SINGH,RAJ GURU AND SUKHDEV which i shall always cherish.